True Noble, a novel

Alice Gemini has abandoned her life in Manhattan and taken up residence in a medieval tower in Sicily. Her twin sister, Angela, has died in a car crash, leaving to Alice the fragments of the book she was writing—writing obsessively, about their family, as if drawn by a magnetic force to the old family home and to stories of the death of their grandfather, a Sicilian falconer. As Alice edits her sister’s papers, and apprentices with the Sicilian falconer Angela had planned to study with, she begins to write her own side of the family story, and to find resonances between the falconer-falcon relationship and that of the two women and their father. Part fictional memoir, part epistolary novel, part a meditation on the nature of the self, True Noble explores the theme of filial love vs. independence.

Read a few excerpts:


- Alice June 2005

- Angela 1957

- Angela January 2005

- Alice August 2005